Runescape: Boss Pets for Familiar Overrides

Posted: 2015-05-16 in Runescape

Do you like your companion pet familiar overrides? Just some Runescape Gold, your pet will look more beautiful or cooler than before. Do you like your pet with many different colors? It’s really funny!

As before, you always take on companion pets on your adventure. Now Runescape familiars can take on the appearance of companion pets. That means, you can use any companion pet as an override for your summoned familiar, which will retain all of its special abilities and combat effectiveness, but look like a beloved companion pets. Thus, you can buy cheap runescape gold and claim powerful companion pet overrides to enjoy more playable battle.

You need to locate the pet you want to use as an override in the Pet Interface, and hit the “Override Familiar” button to enable it. Thus, a cute familiar will fight by your side.


Boss pet should have been used for familiars
It is disappointing that boss pets are not used for familiar overrides although it is good to make companion pets be available as overrides. We players spend more time to take down a boss and gain a boss pet, and Jagex claimed that it was not an easy job to make boss pets overrides.

For the bosses, they already have that, and the devs just need to take the exact character models and shrink them. But the boss pets are completely different models to the bosses. They aren’t just ‘scaled down bosses. To make the boss pets compatible they need new animations, which take quite a lot of time to do. They also need extensive QA time, to make sure these animations don’t break the game.

Certainly, there are some shortcuts to be taken. Players can make their beloved boss pet ride on the shoulders to battle. It would be epic. This proposal from players has drawn attention to Mods and may have contacted ninja team. Once it is put forwards, you will have your boss pet overrides fight in battle and dazzle your opponents.


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