Runescape: Purchase, Remove or Switch

Posted: 2015-05-16 in Runescape News

Many female Runescape players feel very happy when Cosmetic overrides are available in the game, even this will cost a lot of their RS Gold, they don’t care the golds, they just thinking whether they are beautiful in game.

What happens on cosmetic overrides in RS?
Cosmetics allow players to wear all things, like eyes and wings, over their actual armor. And it’s no doubt to bring lots of fun to all scapers. But the abuse of cosmetic overrides makes all mess. Some claimed that low or mid levels haven’t got to the point of learning how to customize them yet. And even some wear those insane outfits to annoy people so that the opposite has to let them win. All rs3 gold from RSorder is lost just because of weird outfits the opponent wears. At this rate, the issue lies with the state of cosmetics, rather than with cosmetics themselves.


What is the ideal situation for cosmetics?
Cosmetics don’t encourage people to run around as flashy, winged, particle-filled anthropomorphic creatures, but aim to bring something funny and surprises in game. Take rs 2007 for example. In Old School, there are silly seasonal items, along with cosmetic items from Cue Scrolls. But you don’t see those being used almost everywhere, but a small amount of silly items allows some fun with friends. It keeps the items funny and doesn’t make the game look ridiculous.

However, the massive amount of ridiculous cosmetic options in Runescape means a vast majority of players make themselves look ludicrous. It’s not about the amounts of cosmetics here and there, but they’re the only type of MTX.

What should be done to resolve it?
Everyone doesn’t have the right to interfere in what others are wearing under the overrides. But it should be n ice if there was a toggle to switch cosmetics on and off, just like transmogs in WOW and other MMOGs.


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