Runescape: will female character be fixed

Posted: 2015-05-16 in Runescape News

Some Runescape players have found that the female characters that hold things wrongly and asked Jagex to fix them well. Have you found these little problems in the game? And What do you feel about this? Angry or don’t care? Share your ideas on, we will collect some players’ ideas on this topic.

What do some female characters look like?
According to a player’s reflection, the most obvious example is Zomorakian Spear. Besides, weapons held by female characters seem to be misaligned, such as, the Beginner Wand and Master Wand. Moreover, Rune Defender and Dragon Defender in female characters’ hands are inconsistent with those in male characters’ hands. For other weapons, there’s a hole where the hand should go, but it doesn’t. See some examples in the following pictures.

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What do some players think about the inaccuracy features?
Some players say that it is OK since there is not girl playing the game, and if there is one, she won’t leave Lumbridge. Thus, it seems unnecessary move to fix the weapon or helmet for female characters. However, others show their expectation for improving since they prefer to play with female characters and switch between male and female would be more interesting. What’s more, a girl-player even regards it as a kind of sexual discrimination and asks for the equal updates. Have a different idea about this?

Would female characters be possible to fix as require?
Some players consider that if Jagex wants to fix them, they must poll it before fixing, thus it will waste much time. Actually, when Armadyl helm was fixed for female characters, it was polled. But we can also regard Armddyl as a different example. Although it looked bad to some players, it wasn’t graphically bugged.

These inaccuracies of female characters shown are just graphical bugs, which don’t get polled, but just improve it directly. At the same time, from the successful example of Armadyl helm, we can guess that it may be a possibility to fix other weapons of female characters as well. Anyway, Jagex think highly of players’ feedback, so just keep hope.

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