Runescape: the Fake drop party Scam

Posted: 2015-05-20 in Runescape Guides

In Runesape, you may see some guys saying “Dropping 5m!”. Please be aware, this means these guys want to get some RS Gold from you with some illegal ways.

This scam just happens around Runescape every once in a while.
This is done by the scammer advertising a drop party. The scammer will usually drop an item valued less than 5k every 10 minutes. At the hour, or other time, he/she may drop something of more value. Like 1m cash. Along the way, he/she may encourage people to drop their own items, to join in the fun. Usually, items will start low, and then get higher. after being involved in many of these so-called drop parties, I’ve noticed that the scammer will usually start asking for the higher priced items when many people follow. Constant bank stops occur.

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Is this profitable: No, usually the scammer will also have “friends” or autoclicking bots that click on any items dropped. Therefore, the percentage of getting something of value is low. Most items dropped by users are low, but occassionally, a user feels too comfortable and drops items of more value.

To avoid this scam, only use the party room in Falador, where you can get prizes from popping the balloons in a legitimate way.

Is the scammer reportable when doing this scam: Yes, but you have to follow for hours before knowing if the user is truthful and actually fairly drops items/cash or if they just made people drop items.

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