Runescape: Minigame Spotlight Comes

Posted: 2015-05-21 in Runescape Guides

Have you ever got any RS Gold or some amazing rewards in Road Trip? If not, you have another chance now – Minigame Spotlight comes now, stacking with minigame weekend to provide players more entertainment as well as more rewards.

Details about rs minigame spotlight
As Jagex announced, minigame spotlight is available in rs now, providing players with x5 thalers to exchange for your choice of rewards from 14 selected minigames as well as some items in Treasure Hunter. See details in the following lists.

1. 14 minigames provided in a rotation, and each changes every 3 days at 00:00 UTC. Note that some of them will occur more frequently.

2. Thalers are earned x5 for playing spotlighted minigames, meaning you can earn 1 thaler every minute rather than 1 thaler every 5 minutes in usual

3. Thaler can be exchanged for selected rewards from any of the games included in the system, as well as limited runs of selected Treasure Hunter items.

4. Podium will move to spotlighted minigame so that you can exchange thalers for rewards there.

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Players’ concern about rs minigame spotlight
New contents always cause some questions and concerns, so does minigame spotlight. Here are some common questions that most players concern about.

1. Is rs minigame spotlight beneficial for minigame development?
As the spotlighted minigame gives players a chance to get more thalers and access into more rewards and makes it easier to get some items from Treasure Hunter, most of players think it is good time to hop into minigame. The spotlighted minigame will be the reason for them to continue.

However, a relative small number of players indicate that the new content will ruin minigame. It is faster to get a pair of legs just by playing any random minigame at any time than it is to win them the legit way, making there not any challenging thing. Thus, it will take all the hard work away from the older players who got stuff the legit way, which also takes meaning away from minigames. But does it really ruin minigame? Maybe you need to step in the new content for an answer.

2. Why Barbarian Assault is not the first spotlighted rs minigame?
It seems that many players prefer Barbarian Assault than other minigames and feel disappointed that it isn’t the first one to spotlight. If you have the same concern, see explanation of Jagex Jon here: “We changed the order slightly so we could host some community focused events around some of the minigames under the spotlight. Barb assault is in the rotation and will be in the spotlight soon.” So you can see Barb assault is more for a small group and not idea to host a large event to get people together. But still, you won’t lose it.

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