Runescape Fire Making Guide

Posted: 2015-05-26 in Runescape Guides

Can you imagine what the world will be if fire was never discovered? Well, in RuneScape, it’s a similar deal. Fire is very important to humans, not only in ral world but also in Runescape world, which can save some Runescape Gold for you – you need not to pay more golds for cooking food.

To start firemaking you require a tinderbox. You obtain one of these on Tutorial Island, but if you lost it you can buy one from any General Store for 1gp. The woodsman tutor in Lumbridge will also supply you with a free tinderbox and bronze axe if you don’t have them in your inventory or bank.

To light a fire you can “use” the tinderbox with the logs. This will show a short animation of you lighting a fire. If you fail to light the logs on fire, you will continue until you are successful. When you light the fire, you will automatically walk a one square to the west.

The other way to light a fire is to drop the logs on the ground and then use your tinderbox on them. This way, however, is very slow and it will take longer to light your fires.

After you light the fire, you can use it for whatever you please. Most players prefer to use their firemaking skill to light fires for cooking; however, there are other possibilities.

There are many different types of logs for you to light around RuneScape and each one has different requirements and rewards. In the next section, you will find out about the different types of logs.


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