The Membership Offer Summer in Runescape

Posted: 2015-05-27 in Runescape News

Here comes a good news that Summer Special is available now, whcih will help you to save some Runescape Gold. This fantastic three-month membership offer will keep you covered for this summer’s red-hot RuneScape content. What are you waiting for? Come on guys!

On top of that, you’ll get access to the Enlightenment aura, which doubles your XP gain for an hour each week throughout the summer months and displays a spectacular wing effect.

You’ll also benefit from Cosmic Foresight – a summer-long passive effect that lets you gather reputation for the goebie homeworld, in advance of its release later in the year. This is the location of RuneScape’s new raids, and Cosmic Foresight gets you a head start!

Note that Gold Premier Club members and those of you who’ve held 12 consecutive months of membership – as of today – will get the Enlightenment aura and Cosmic Foresight automatically, at no additional cost.

Subscribe now and get your three months’ membership at an unbeatable price! If you wish, you can even get the Summer Special with five Bonds.


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