The Special Summer of Runescape

Posted: 2015-05-29 in Runescape News

There will be a new frequent contents in Runescape – New contents make game be more playable, while also make it costly since it requires much Runescape Gold to enjoy, hoping you enjoy the upcoming contents with lower costs.

What are benefits of Summer Special Membership?
This year’s summer package was available buying from 26th May to Mid-July, providing players 3 months membership for the price of 2 as well as two items below, which are only available for players who meet one of these requirements: Gold Premier Club members, have 12 consecutive months of membership, buy the 3-month special package.

1. The Enlightenment aura will be activate on June 1 to provide you with doubles XP for an hour each week and won’t be end until August 31. Note that it needs to recharge every Wednesday.

2. The Cosmic Foresight will give you a chance to gain meteorite, in which you can get a healthy lump of XP and a mysterious relics. Use the relic to benefit in future update, or crush it for XP.

Some questions that players concern about
As the special package has been available for two days, there may be some concerning questions that cannot find an answer from official FAQ. If you have the same questions, follow RSorder to find answer.

1. Since runescape membership has gone up in price, players may not know the exact price. However, according to Jagex Support, the price is dependent on where you live, although the same, the currency will be different.

2. If you have bought member before, it is OK. You can buy membership any time and still then purchase the summer special to enjoy the special offer.

3. For those who are Gold Premier Club members or have 12 consecutive months of membership, if you haven’t found the Aura in inventory, don’t worry, it will be available for you within 1 day, as they’re adding them manually.

What are the upcoming contents in RS?
1. World event Tuska: In the first update of June, you’ll travel into space to battle the beast goddess Tuska before she collides with Gielinor. Go down in history as a hero who saved the world, and earn a new warpriest set and ability.

2. Gather the shards of seren: Find out in the latest Grandmaster quest and bring back the crystal goddess, you will learn new ancient spells and prayers that’ll open up new styles of play as rewards.

3. Ten-player Raids: Venture through a new area that bigger than Prifddinas. Fight in challenging ten-player boss battles to claim high-level rs items, such as weapons and armour as reward!

4. New Dragons, Life’s Beach, Hero’s Welcome, Goebie Quest, and more!
Seize the opportunity and get your three months’ membership at a lower price, you will save much money to enjoy the upcoming contents!

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