Runescape Fletching: Crossbows and Bolts

Posted: 2015-05-30 in Runescape Guides

Today I will show you some ways to earn Runescape Gold – fletching, a special way to make golds in the game. If you want to make good fletching, Crossbows and Bolts are important parts, which you can’t ignore.

The ability to carefully craft crossbows is an ancient dwarven art. To make a crossbow, use a knife on any type of log, and choose to make a crossbow stock (cannot be done with magic logs) – this method also uses the “make-x” option. Using the Smithing skill, you are able to make “limbs” for the crossbow using one metal bar at an anvil. As each metal has a different flexibility and weight, the type of limb needed for the crossbow is determined by the type of wood you used to make the stock. Other combinations will not work. Once you have both, merge the stock and the limbs together, to make an unstrung crossbow. Once you’ve done so, you are able to string it using a crossbow string (cooked beef made into sinew, then spun at a spinning wheel – level 3 Cooking and 10 Crafting required).

Adding tips to the ends of bolts never used to be very common practice amongst Runescapians. However, since several new bolt types have been added to the game, quite a number of people have been utilising them. With the exception of the barbed bolttips and the mithril grapple, you are able to simply use a chisel to cut other gems, and choose an option to make bolttips, gaining a small amount of fletching XP (included in the total XP column). You are able to add these tips to metal bolts you have made using the Smithing skill. Once this has been done, you are even able to enchant them to have special abilities when versing players or monsters.


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