Herbs Money Making in Runescape

Posted: 2015-06-01 in Runescape Guides

Herbalists can be a easy way to make Runescape Gold – as if you know how to make potions with different Herbs. If you become a Herbalist in the game, you will get money easily and a lot of gamers will love you – you can save their lives.

Money making for Herbalists is a lot easier then you may think. Money can be made fast, by collecting your own herbs and second ingredients, and then selling the potions. Salarin the Twisted is an excellent herb giver for those with 67 agility, while chaos druids in Edgeville or Taverley dungeon are also great for collecting herbs. Empty vials can also be exceptional money-makers, selling for up to 250gp each, when water-filled. There is a wide ranged of stores that stock vials, and for cheap too!

Alternatively, if you wish to buy the herbs and second ingredients, read the below information.

Super sets are a fairly good way of making money, if you can find a buyer for around 10k each. An Irit Leaf for the super attack potion sells for 1-2k and an eye of newt sells for 5-15gp each. Kwuarm sells for around 3-4k, and limpwurt roots around 500-1k gp each. Cadantine sells for around 3-4k each, and whiteberries sell for up to 1k each. If you can produce these on a large scale, that’s breaking even, depending on how much you buy your ingredients for. If you collect the seconds yourself, you stand to make around 2k profit per super set, if you sell at 10k each.

Other potions which can make a fair sum of money include prayer restore, and anti-firebreath. Ranarr weed sells around 7.5k, and snape grass for about 400-450gp each. This means that you could make up to 1k profit per potion. Lantadyme sells for around 2.5-3k, and blue dragon scales sell for about 400-1k gp each, while the potion sells for around 4-7k; quite a substantial profit.

As a general rule, the higher your Herblore level, the better potions you can make which means a larger profit!

6.3 – Collecting & Merchanting
To be able to do this method, you must be able to identify Tarromin herbs, though Harralander is preferred. You must also have over 100k cash, and the more cash you have, the more money you will make per day. With this relatively low level, you can gain around 200 of every herb in a day depending on the time of day and general luck. You must remember at all times, that herb collecting is potentially dangerous as scammers do take advantage of this. Just be aware of this and you will be fine.


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