Runescape: the spells

Posted: 2015-06-03 in Runescape Guides

To all Runescape gamers, rule the Gielinor will be they ultimate dream in the game, but how to achieve that? By a lot of RS Gold or get some powerful weapons? NO. It would be spells, the power of destroying wolrd!

Now that you know where to get all those runes, we will proceed on to what we can do with them. Higher-level spells require more runes or a more expensive rune. Here is a table of spells, which you will be able to cast, as you level up to be a Mage.

Every spell gives experience when you cast it, even if you fail it. Combat spells (strike spells, bolt spells, blast spells, wave spells, god spells, crumble undead) give extra magic experience, as well as hits experience depending on the amount of damage you deal per spell. Non-combat spells (teleporting, alchemy, enchanting, charge, binding etc) do not give any extra experience besides the base experience; you also do not gain any hits experience when using such spells.

For combat spells you receive:

2 Magic XP per damage you inflict to your opponent.
1.33 Hits XP per damage you inflict to your opponent.
Below is a very informative table, which shows the spells you can cast at every level, their corresponding damage if they are an offensive spell, the base experience gained when casting that particular spell, as well as other important information you need to know about these spells.


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