Runescape: Prayer

Posted: 2015-06-05 in Runescape Guides

We all know that Runescape Gold can help you to be powerful and strong, but do you know that there are a very special skill to be powerful – praying to gods, which will summons the powers of the Runescape gods to help you in combat.

To train this skill you must pay tribute to the gods by burying bones. The more bones you bury, the higher your prayer level will become, allowing you to access more powerful prayers to use at your disposal. However, as you use these prayers, your level will slowly drop (ex. 30/40) until it is at zero (0/40). You then cannot use any prayers until you recharge your prayer to it’s maximum (40/40).

Prayer at high levels can be very helpful in battles. If you want to try to take on a high level monster for better drops, Protect from Melee can save your life. Prayer is invaluable in any quest or areas where there are high level monsters that need to be slain. Also, if you want to test out if you can kill a monster, but you want some kind of back-up, prayer is the answer. If you are having trouble killing it, prayer can act as your insurance by either helping you do more damage or protect you long enough for you to run away or teleport.

The Prayer Menu
The prayer menu is located on the right hand side of your screen right beside the magic menu. The symbol is a small star. When the prayer window is open, you will see many symbols. Here is how you can tell their status.

Recharging Your Prayer Points
When a prayer is turned on, the effect will immediately take place. However, if you leave a prayer activated your level will begin to drop. The higher level the prayer being used, the quicker your prayer will be reduced. Multiple prayers will also cause a significant increase in prayer reduction. Once your prayer points reach 0, you will not be able to use prayer any longer. You must then recharge you prayer level. There are a few different methods you can use to do this.

These will recharge all of your prayer points. They are located throughout the churches of RuneScape as well as in many other places and are marked by the Zybez RuneScape Help’s City Key of an Altar icon on the minimap. To pray at an altar, simply click on it and your prayer points will be restored. Note: You will also find altars in the player owned homes of some higher leveled players.

Certain altars will even give you a bonus of extra prayer points. They are:

Monks Altar (2 Extra points) – Top of Monastery
Nature Altar (2 Extra points) – Grotto Tree in Filliman Tarlock’s Camp, Morytania.
Elidinis Altar (2 Extra points and hp over your hp level temporarily) – Nardah


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