Runescape: Using Ranging

Posted: 2015-06-07 in Runescape Guides

Using Ranging can make you some Runescape Gold if you train correctly. Ranged is a skill that lets you hit enemies far away using a bow as a weapon and arrows as ammunition, but there are also different types of Ranging. If you control the Ranging, you will be powerful and can try to rule the world.

Ranging is a skill that is useful for killing monsters, dueling, Player Killing, and getting good drops. Generally, you can last much longer at higher-leveled monsters ranging than fighting with melee, since you do not need food. For example, if you plan to get a Dragon Medium Helmet from Fire Giants you are going to want to be ranging them, not fighting with Melee. You can kill more quickly when ranging and also avoid being hurt. Ranging is also good for Player Killing in the wilderness because it allows you to hit other players from a distance, while Melee requires you to be right next to them to be able to attack. In addition, some Quests require you to have a certain Ranged level to complete/do them.

There are two kinds of bows: shortbows and longbows. Longbows cost more, and fire a greater distance than the shortbow. The shortbow is obviously cheaper than the longbow, but it’s speed is faster than the longbow.

Each bow has three special sub-attacks. For all types, you will receive hitpoint experience:

Rapid – You will shoot faster than normal. You will break more arrows when using this type of attack style.
Accurate – You will hit more often than normal.
Longrange – You can fire from a greater distance. The experience you get is split between defense and range.


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