Runescape Runecrafting: Levels, Talismans and Altars

Posted: 2015-06-08 in Runescape Guides

Runecrafting is a free skill in the game, which means you need not pay any RS Gold for learning this skill. A lot of players have taken the arduous task of binding their runes. A few prefer to buy them from magic stores or attain them from monsters.

Level Requirements
This table outlines the requirements for certain types of runes. At certain levels you will be able to make more than one rune for every rune essence. For example, if you were level 11, you would make two air runes per rune essence. These levels are also outlined in this following table. The “x2”, “x3” etc indicate the required level to make multiple runes from one essence.

Combination Runes
Runecrafters have the option to bind two different types of elemental runes into a brand new combination rune. The benefit of this is combination runes only take one inventory slot, meaning extra room for food or equipment. The way the combination runes are used in spell casting, is like so: the greatest amount of runes required to cast a spell will form the amount of combination runes required. For example, Fire Strike requires 3 fire and 2 air runes. Casting it will require 3 smoke runes, as smoke is a combination of air and fire. This is exceptionally helpful for Mage Player Killing, because the combination of the runes leaves space for more food other important items.

To create combination runes you will need to bring the pure essence along with the same number of an elemental rune. You will also need the talisman matching the altar and the talisman of the runes you brought. Example: To create a mud rune you would go to the Earth Altar (May need Earth Talisman), bring a Water Talisman, Water Runes and an equal amount of pure rune essences. You will lose the one of the talismans you bring though.

The success rate of creating combination runes is 50% but this can be increased to 100% by using the necklace of binding. This necklace is an emerald necklace enchanted and has 15 uses.

Talismans cannot be made. They are all dropped by various monsters, with the exception of the Law and Death Talismans, which are quest rewards. All are tradable, with the exception of the Law Talisman. Talismans marked with (M) are members only.

Bound Tiaras are used as a faster and more efficient way to runecraft. Simply wear the tiara, take your essence to the mysterious ruins, and left click them to gain access to the binding temple.

There are currently eleven types of tiaras in the game, with blood, and soul to be added at a later date. Cosmic, Chaos, Nature, Law, Death, Blood and Soul are Members’ only. When you bind a tiara with the power of a runecrafting altar, you will gain 5x the normal runecrafting experience.


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