Bronze Smithing in Runescape

Posted: 2015-06-10 in Runescape Guides

As a level one smith, your only option to gain levels without completing quests is through smelting and smithing bronze bars – don’t assume that you will earn a lot of Runescape Gold at the beginning of being a successful smith.

Fortunately, you can easily train yourself to level 20 in a rather short period of time. You only require 2,411 experience to get to level 15 and this is equal to 126 bronze bars smelted and smithed. Gaining money from bronze is nearly impossible as this metal is commonly dismissed as worthless.

Primary purpose of bronze: Getting to the point where you are not smelting or smithing bronze.

Profitability: Major.
Key items (free) – None.
Key items (members) Bronze arrowheads
Suggested buy price: 10 – 20gp each for both tin and copper ore, 25 – 30gp each for bronze bars.
Suggested sell price: 50 – 100gp per bronze bar.

Free player strategy
Your best option to train this skill is to mine your own copper and tin ores from the mine south-east of Varrock. Be certain you use a pickaxe that you can actually wield as you will be mining fourteen copper ores and fourteen tin ores per run. Once you have a full load, simply return to Varrock and bank your ores in the eastern bank. You will need to continue doing this until you have 126 of both copper and tin ores. Every so often, you may always walk over to the General Store in the middle of Varrock to see if there are any copper or tin ores in stock. If so, purchase them. Most players will be glad that you are buying these ores so you can make for them to sell something more valuable to the shop. If you have the money, feel free to purchase iron, coal or higher quality ores if they are available. Buying ores from the General store will ALWAYS be cheaper than purchasing from another player. If there is a large number of these ores, do not hesitate to run back and forth to the bank to purchase another load.

Once you have reached 126 number of copper and tin ores, you will need to travel to Al-Kharid. There are three furnaces available in the game for free players: Lumbridge, Falador and Al-Kharid. The furnace in Lumbridge should NEVER be used unless you happen to have ores in your inventory while walking by it. The furnace in Falador is popular because it is close to the Mining Guild and a popular merchanting hub for purchasing coal and ores. However, Al-Kharid will be your best location for smelting as it is the closest furnace to a bank for free players. Once you arrive, withdraw fourteen copper and fourteen tin ores from the bank and head to the furnace. Once there, smelt your ores into bars and return to the bank for another load. Continue doing this until all of your ores are smelted into bars.

At this point you have a choice. If you want to gain smithing levels quickly but lose an opportunity to make some money, you can begin smithing your bronze bars into items in Varrock. Do not expect anyone to purchase your bronze armour and weapons. Your best bet is to smith the highest quality item you can make at your current Smithing level. Bank all the items you make. When you gain a Smithing level, stop making the item you were making and begin smithing the new item you earned with your advancement. Once all of your bars are smithed, withdraw all the items you made in notes and sell these items to your nearest General store. If you don’t mind the walk, you can always sell the items to the “specialty” store for that specific type of armour or weapon.

If you are more interested in making money, your best option is to continue mining or collecting copper and tin ore and continue smelting bronze bars. You will still gain levels quickly if you have a low Smithing level. Once you have a large quantity of bronze bars, you can sell them for an average of 50gp each. If you make a very large amount of bronze bars (in the thousands), you can ask for up to 100gp each. Yes, this is a more time-consuming way to train Smithing. But smelting is steady and consistent experience. You will discover this once you begin smelting steel. Use the money you gain from selling the bronze bars wisely. If you are using another skill to also, bring in money, use the money to bolster that skill (runite axe for woodcutting, better armour and weapons for combat, etc). Otherwise, spend the majority of this money to purchase iron ore from other players and few rubies (cut or uncut).

Optimal Smithing Item: None. As stated previously, bronze items are complete rubbish. They have nearly no value in the open market. Even bronze plate mail is not expensive enough to use High Alchemy on. It would be a waste of a nature rune. Simply sell your bronze items to a store to make a little income from your work.

Member strategy
Members will always have it easier than free players, as there are multitudes of different ways to make money quickly. One of the fastest ways to make money is to kill normal men and women. Along with the herbs that they occasionally drop, they will also drop level one clue scrolls. They are typically easy to complete requiring only a few teleport runes and sometimes a spade to complete. Just one piece of trimmed wizard robes or ranger leathers will give you enough money to purchase all the bronze bars you will need.

You will not even have to touch a pickaxe in order to get yourself to level 15 Smithing. All you will need to do is travel to Shantay Pass or Shilo Village and purchase the ten bronze bars in stock in Shantay’s shop and the General Store, respectively. While the bank chest is closer at Shantay Pass, Shilo Village is recommended as other people tend to purchase bronze bars at the Pass. Once you purchase all ten bronze bars in stock, bank the bars and server-hop to the next world and repeat. It will take roughly a minute to log in, purchase, bank, run back and log out to change servers. It will take roughly 10-20 minutes to collect the 126 bronze bars needed to reach level 15.

Once you have the required number of bronze bars, simply smith your bars until you are able to smith arrowheads. Continue making arrowheads exclusively; do not smith two, three or five bronze bars items. Also, do not smith bronze knives. They are not as profitable as iron knives. Finally, try to complete The Knight’s Sword, Priest in Peril and Ghosts Ahoy as quickly as possible.

Optimal Smithing Item: Bronze arrowheads – even with the variety of extra items available for member smiths, bronze is mostly an unimportant item in the open market. The only item which is remotely marketable is bronze arrows. Please note that you will lose money or break even if you purchase headless arrows to make bronze arrows. If you collect your own feathers and chop your own wood, the money you will gain from selling bronze arrows will not be worth your time. You should just work on getting out of bronze as quickly as possible.

Iron Smithing
If one plays their cards right and works on gathering buyers and sellers, this is where you will begin making a nice amount of money. It still requires a lot of work to train up your Smithing. But the money you will gain from these levels will form the foundation upon which all your future levels are financed.

Primary purpose of iron: Power training smithing experience towards steel, making money.

Profitability: Major.
Key items (free) – None.
Key items (members) Iron Knives
Suggested buy price: 80 – 100gp each for ore, 150gp each for iron bars.
Suggested sell price: 200gp per iron bar.

Free player strategy
The first and most important thing you must realize is that you should never, under any circumstances, attempt to smelt a single iron ore. Iron ore is money and when you fail a smelting attempt to make an iron ore, you are throwing away money. In order to get to the point where you can smelt steel bars you will need to smelt yourself 877 iron bars. You should use this time to train your Mining and collect yourself several thousand iron ores as well. In the process of mining, you should sometimes receive rubies. Never sell these gemstones. You should always store them in your bank also. They are essential for free players as they are needed to get your iron bars.

Once you have a sizable number of iron ore and a few rubies (with some gold ore and cosmic runes thrown in to be on the safe side), search through the official forums or Runescape Community and locate a kind member who will trade you iron bars in exchange for the ore and materials to make Ruby rings of Forging. Remember, these items will allow a member to smelt up to 140 iron bars per ring. If you find a member who is willing to do this for you, treat them like gold. Do not pester these iron smelters. Use the iron bars you receive and sell them for 150-200gp each in the market and use the money to purchase more iron ore and rubies. It would be wise to collect a few member smelters so you are constantly exchanging ores and rubies for bars. Once you have reached a healthy amount of iron ore and money, do one final trade and use the iron bars to reach the point where you can begin smelting steel bars.

Alternatively, you may forego finding a member iron smelter and simply sell the iron ore for 100gp each. Always try to sell them in bulk and then use the money to purchase the 438 iron bars needed to reach steel smelting. If you have any extra iron bars left over, you may always sell them for some money. Use whatever money you gained to purchase at least 2,000 coal.

Optimal Smithing Item: Iron plates – As with bronze, there is very little interest for iron weapons and armour in the open market. Your best bet is to simply toss iron items into your nearest General Store or “specialty” shop. If you have the ability to cast High Alchemy, you can cast this spell on iron plates for a small profit. The majority of your income will come from mining iron ore, not through smithed items.

Member Strategy
Members will only require a small number of iron ore compared to free players to reach the point where they can smelt steel. Generally, 1,000 iron ore should be sufficient. You should try to collect at least 1,400 iron ore though as Rings of Forging work in multiples of 140. Collecting rubies will require a little more work but you have additional options that free players do not:

Optimal Smithing Item: Iron Knives – Iron bars can be smithed into iron knives and if you sell iron knives in bulk, you can make up to 40gp per knife. This is 100gp per iron ore in profit if you bought the iron ore for 100gp each. Smelting iron ore and smithing the bars into knives will train your Smithing level very steadily at lower levels and bring in a nice bit of change.


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