Runescape: New Skilling Add-Ons

Posted: 2015-06-12 in Runescape News

Hi, guys, have you got your Runescape Gold ready? The new update on Treasure Hunter will be released from 00:00 UTC on 12th June until 23:59 UTC on 15th June – New Skilling Add-Ons is coming!

These add-ons are used to permanently upgrade headpieces from matching Treasure Hunter skilling outfits. Once this is done, they offer free items and teleports each day, and impart passive benefits while skill training.

Add-On Benefits

Here are the benefits that the upgraded skilling headpieces offer. Note that the greater yields of daily items are given when you own 4 or 5 pieces of the skilling outfit:

Modified botanist’s mask:
Free noted water vials – 150/200 per day.
Catherby herb patch teleports – 3 per day.
5% chance to duplicate potions made. Duplicates grant XP and are automatically banked.
Modified sous chef’s toque:
Free pie shells – 6/10 per day.
Cooking Guild* teleports – 3 per day.
5% chance to duplicate cooked food. Duplicates grant XP and are automatically banked.


Modified First Age tiara:
Free dragon bones – 1/3 per day.
Player-Owned House entry portal* teleports – 3 per day.
2% chance to save bones buried or used on altars.
Modified farmer’s hat:
Free bird’s nests, containing seeds^ – 2/4 per day.
Ectofuntus allotment patch teleports – 3 per day.~
2% chance to save seeds when sown.
* These teleports take you outside the Cooking Guild and your Player-Owned House.

^ Not including tree seeds.

~ If you do not have access to Morytania, you will be teleported to Taverley instead.

Get Skilling!

If you missed out on the necessary outfit pieces before, you’ll have a chance to get these too. Note that you won’t receive a head add-on unless you’ve already received the necessary headpiece.

On top of all this, Treasure Hunter lamps and stars used for Herblore, Cooking, Prayer or Farming this weekend will give +25% XP.

Skillers have got it good this weekend – don your new and improved headwear, and start growing that XP.


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