Runescape: Foods

Posted: 2015-06-13 in Runescape Guides

We all need food to be alive – not only in the real world but also in Runescape world. It’s obviously that food is every important in the game – you can get food with your RS Gold or make food by your own hands.

Below is some basic categories of food:


Raw Meat can be obtained by killing one of the following monsters:

Giant Rat
Each of these creatures will drop a piece of raw meat — such as Raw Chicken or Raw Beef — which, when cooked will become Cooked Meat (or Cooked Chicken, after cooking Raw Chicken). It’s worth noting that cooking a piece of already-cooked-meat will result in a piece of Burnt Meat.

Snails can also be killed by members to collect their meat. These creatures are found in the swamps of Morytania, near the town of Canifis. To access this area, players must complete the Priest in Peril quest.


Fish can be obtained using the Fishing skill, and are often the adventurer’s first choice in food to bring along on a journey since they are quick to cook and restore many Life Points when eaten.


To make Bread, combine a Pot of Flour with some Water (either in a bucket or pot). You will then be prompted with a menu to select which type of dough to make. In the case of Bread, you should make Bread Dough. Regardless of which type of dough you make, it must be cooked on a Range.


Pies are a type of food that is eaten in two bites. Each half of the pie will heal half of the pie’s total replenishing amount. For example, if you eat one half of a Meat Pie, it will replenish 60 Life Points. the other half will remain in your inventory until it is eaten. Some pies also yield a stat bonus (eg. the Farming Pie boosts Farming by +3). Each bite will boost by the full amount, but the effects do not stack with one another (so, eating one bit immediately after the other will not boost Farming by +6).

To make a pie, combine a Pot of Flour with some Water (either in a bucket or pot). You will then be prompted with a menu to select which type of dough to make. Select Pastry Dough, and use the newly-created dough with a Pie Dish to make an empty Pie Shell. Now, simply add the necessary fillings and cook the pie on a Range. You may also use the Lunar “Bake Pie” spell if you have access to the Lunar Magic spellbook, which guarantees that the pie will be cooked successfully.

Runescape foods


Pizzas, like pies, are eaten in two separate bites. Each half of the pizza will heal half of the pizza’s total replenishing amount. to make a pizza, combine a Pot of Flour with some Water (either in a bucket or pot). You will then be prompted with a menu to select which type of dough to make. Select the Pizza Base type. Now add a Tomato and some Cheese to make a Plain Pizza. Now you must Bake the pizza in a Range. Afterwards, additional toppings, such a Cooked Meat or Pineapple, can be added to the pizza to increase its healing properties.

Baked Potato

First, cook a Potato on a Range. Next, add a Pat of Butter to the Baked Potato. You can now add a topping to your Potato With Butter. Baked Potatoes are only available to members.

Potato Topping

Potato Toppings are added to Baked Potatoes to increase the number of life points they recover when eaten. They may also be eaten as-is, but obviously restore fewer Life Points than the complete meal would heal. Potato Toppings are a member-only feature.


Stews are made by combining a Bowl of Water, Potato, and a piece of Cooked Meat (or Cooked Chicken). The stew can then be cooked on either a Range or Fire.


Cakes are a type of three-bite food, in which each of the three slices account for one-third of the cake’s total healing properties. To make a cake, gather a Cake tin, Pot of Flour, Egg, and a Bucket of Milk. Now simply use one of the items with another (eg. use the Egg with the Cake Tin) to mix the ingredients into the Cake Tin. Now cook the cake on a Range to obtain a Cake, separated from its Cake Tin. Chocolate can also be added to the Cake by using a Chocolate Bar or Chocolate Dust on it to further enhance its healing properties.


Dairy items are made on a Dairy Churn, and can only be created on Members worlds.


Wine is created by adding Grapes to a Jug of Water. After waiting approximately ten seconds, the Wine will ferment and either become a Jug of Wine, or a Jug of Bad Wine. Bad Wine yields no experience and does not heal any Life Points.


Nettle Tea is made by adding Nettles to a Bowl of Water, creating Nettle Water. This can then be cooked on a Range or Fire to create Nettle Tea. Optionally, you can use the bowl of Nettle Tea with an Empty Cup. Also, you may add Milk to your tea, although it yields no additional effect to the tea.


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