Runescape BTS Video: Rune Dragons

Posted: 2015-06-15 in Runescape Guides

Mod Stu’s been hard at work in RuneLabs and is ready to unleash Dragonforcae’s mighty adamant and rune dragons on RuneScape! And if you have enough Runescape Gold, you can own a rune dragon in the game. Behind the Scenes caught up with him for the full details.

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Podcast – Invention & Elite Skills

This week’s podcast is a doozy, as Mod Matthe grills Mods Osborne, Moltare and Timbo on Invention and Elite Skills. Find out more as they answer your questions on this all-new type of content.

Listen to the podcast on YouTube right now, or find us on PodBean or iTunes.

Q&A Recap – Adamant & Rune Dragons Preview

Missed this week’s Developer Q&A live stream? We’ve got you covered – catch up with our video recap:

Have Fun!

Have a cracking weekend, and start warming up those dragon slaying muscles for Monday’s update!


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