Runescape: Daily Challenges

Posted: 2015-06-18 in Runescape Guides

Not sure of what to train or how to train it? Looking for some extra Runescape Gold? The Challenge System might be what you’re looking for! This members-only system allows for players to complete various tasks on a daily basis for some extra rewards.

Each day you will be given a new task to complete; the task selected for you will be based on your skills. A new challenge will be automatically issued to you every day in your chat window (eg. New Daily Challenge: Farming – Torstol Seed (0/1)). It is useful to note for the purposes of navigating this guide that Daily Challenges are issued in the chat window listed with their respective skill.

You have at least 5 days from when a challenge is issued to you to complete it and you may have a maximum of 5 daily challenges at any given time. If you receive a new challenge with 5 saved up, the oldest one will be removed. When a challenge is completed, go to the Quartermaster in Burthorpe near the bank chest.


The challenge will be given a green stamp when it is completed in the noticeboard. Pinning a completed task to the noticeboard creates an indicator that points to him for challenges which require a skill level of 30 or below. For any challenges that require the collection or processing of items, you may be required to deliver the items to the Quartermaster.

If you do not have the items in your inventory when turning in the challenge, they may be taken directly from the bank. Rewards for these challenges will typically cover the cost of any raw materials expended in completing the task.

You can speak to the Quartermaster in Burthorpe to disable Daily Challenges in certain skills if you have mastered that skill. Skills which are yet to be mastered are shown with an orange border, while those that have already been mastered are shown with a silver border. When Daily Challenges for a particular skill are disabled, a red cross is shown through that skills icon. Combat challenges can be disabled by players who have achieved level 200 combat.

It is important to note that only system administered daily challenges offer bonus rewards. Players can choose to complete challenges on their own, but these provide no reward aside from the XP from doing the activity itself.

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